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  1. Fairy Tail also cannot contribute something meaningful to the thread. Doesn't prevent it from futilely trying almost every week, though...
  2. I actually replied with a joke asking if you were twelve years old because of how you dissed the month of August being a twelfth of your life. But I deleted it because I thought it sounded dumb lol. And because of reading the last dozen or so chapters of Fairy Tail to see why it's so bad without reading the rest of the manga to see learn how it got to this point, I can't really contribute meaningful discussion.
  3. Whenever I get a notification which turns out to be about absolutely nothing, it's always in the Fairy Tail thread. Go figure!
  4. Interesting! I always go by something that ends with Mario. Cape Mario, Crazy Mario, Professor Mario, and even Super Mario the Hedgehog once lol. But I settled into Count Mario after making that my PSN username.
  5. Guess it was about time. As this was the only forum where I'm not called Artemis... (or something similar)
  6. That's one swell new username you have.
  7. If you want to check out some gifs of mine that aren't boring long texts, do you mind echoing out one of the recent posts I made in the Theories thread?
  8. Spoiler:

  9. Even your gifs are that long texts...?!
  10. I knew all along that I could never rely on you. But yet I still tried to fool myself. Never trust a bear.


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