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  1. ...Kind of? I watched season one on Netflix. And I have been reading the latest chapters without actually reading earlier parts of the manga. So... I don't know lol.

    By numbers, do you mean power levels? Power levels will always be stupid.
  2. Are you reading Seven Deadly Sins? Right now I'm up to volume 15 so I won't spoiler me by looking in the thread.

    But dear god... Who thought it was a good idea to bring back these kind of numbers?!
  3. Okay, deleted a little bit.
  4. You have to clear your private message inbox. I would prefer to talk about this privately.
  5. So what are yor actual themes and premises then?

    Right now I'm working at finally correctly formulating mine.
  6. It's alright. I've been struggling with writer's block all year though. So I have settled with working on two other series. I'm working on three comic book series ideas, but my artist partner-in-crime conceived two of the total three.

    I have had my overall themes and premise formulated for at least one-two years at this point lol. I even have two short sayings for what the premise is like you described, although it would be impossible to still know what the series is like from that one quote. It's a very surreal fusion of a bunch of fictional genres that peculiarly complement each other.
  7. From ongoing storyteller to another: How does it go along with your work? Do you already have your overall theme/premise clearly formulated? As the definition of premise varies, I mean a short one-liner describing perfectly what the whole work is about - like "Love goes beyond death." for Romeo and Juliet.
  8. It's been quite a long time since I'm so pumped up to see an arc's climax like this! Really ca(ke)n't wait any more!
  9. I don't think so, but I don't really know.

    The main problem here is the complete lack of proper story structure. Whereas for One Piece we can make proper guesses like we're at around 70%, it's just impossible to make the same for Fairy Tail as all the stuff basically happens completely random without any sense of how to build your story properly. Basically anything can happen anytime.

    Imagine in One Piece there's an active kingdom on a completely new planet and their strongest fighters are just stronger than anything introduced so far and the Gorosei or Blackbeard completely get fodderized.

    It's basically written like a gameplay-driven video game where you just throw more and more difficult enemies and hazards at the heroes without any deeper thought on anything non-gameplay related.
  10. Is the film supposed to be an epilogue to the series like The Last was for Naruto? If so, is Fairy Tail really going to be able to finish by the end of April?
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