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  1. You too, Outer! Always great to hear from you!
  2. Somebody's gotta do it. \_(0_0)_/

    Well, work hard and then take it easy! Nice chatting with you!
  3. Lol, no weekends off for this girl. Making that money~
  4. Haha, damn straight! ;0

    You popped in at the right time. Hey, I hope everything is going well for you. If you have a 3 day weekend enjoy it while it lasts! They tend to fly by quick~
  5. Haha, thank you! I've been around, here and there. Mostly lurking.

    Every once in a while you have to pop back in and give 'em what fer, you know? =P
  6. Whoooa! Where have you been B.A.!? It's good to see your Avatar/Face every once in a while. Happy belated birthday~!!!
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