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  1. Hey thanks! I hope you have a happy new year, bruh.
  2. Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
  3. Let's say you expired me.
  4. Another thing, I made a portuguese version of yours "Not All Pokemon are Created Equal." My last review was Latios.
  5. yeah, the design itself is alright, I've just always been confused why it was Steel of all types. and like most Mega evolutions, it should've just gotten a regular evolution.
  6. I liked mawile since gen III, but she was never a good steel type to put in a team, well, with aggron and scizor in your team, why would you put a mawile on it ? About the fairy type ? Well, I was happy with her new type, but the mega form..why they didn´t made a proper evolution ? She´s not weird, she just a pokemon based on a youkai, now, to make her steel type, now THAT is weird.
  7. I think it's a strange one and I didn't really get it, but making it Steel/Fairy helps. why?
  8. Do you like Mawile ?
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