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  1. Self-observant? Meta-ironic? How in the world is that post... either of those? I mean theoretically it is possible to break down the whirlpool that is my post to its individual... tangents, and MAYBE one of those tangents corresponds to... those properties, but that's just missing the point!! My post as a whole was NOT... that.
  2. Oh I see. Your posts are so self-observant and meta-ironic.
    About the kiss.. well he just loves me that much!

  3. ... You know, that guy in your avatar has been kissing you for a REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL Y long time now... Now, I know I shouldn't be as pissed as whoever holds the world record for the longest kiss... but DAMMIT I AM!! GET YOUR WHISKERS OFF HER FACE YOU... WHISKIE WHISKERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even though these make words, they are still random because... who cares, they don't make a comprehensible thought that I needed to... present. Its random in the sense that I am thinking as I am typing!! The lemon chiffon is not random though :D
  4. I miss your lemon chiffon spam :<
  5. Here are some random tildes to annoy you!~ ~~~~~~~~
  6. Needs moar spam :<
  7. Do you ever... have an idea of what you are talking about?
  8. And in case you are wondering... I have NO IDEA what I am talking about...
  9. I felt like spamming your profile...

    So, I am spamming your profile!!!

    Or am I
  10. Good, 'cause I'm not a Hun, I'm a Gaul!
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