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  1. Lol, seriously???

    I am a lot of things.... never thought I was gloomy...
  2. No it's fine, I think "gloomy pervert" suits you perfectly!
  3. If I continue to do that... we would have like twelve messages in our lifetime...

    Wow, that was gloomy... Okay, now to make some inappropriate comment so you know that I am not possessed.
  4. Aww thanks! But you made me come back here sooner! Normally I would have seen your message in like, five years or something...
  5. I miss spamming your visitor messages!!

    And I wanted you to have a notification when you log on so...
  6. Me too :<

    We need to devise a system!!

    Well, I will be on FB for almost the whole day... so whenever you are ready :)
  7. I miss you! :(
  8. facebook !
  9. D: You're online!! facebook!! or skype or whatever!!!!!!
  10. You're no fun, vor :(
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