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  1. Well, you know how people can be these days, and that's exactly why I posted on here instead of anywhere else. You guys have known me longer than most others in my life aside from my best friends. (:
  2. laugh. why would anyone laugh. don't worry what others think.
  3. Thank you, CU. Your words along with everyone else's are awesome. This is why I posted her because I knew you guys wouldn't laugh too too much and actually give me some feed back. <333
  4. (part 2. hey, who knew there was 1000 character limit)
    I got another friend who still lives at home with his parents but he's not happy there. He's scared to make changes though. So, when I was looking at apartments, I made him come with me and he seen what it was like. He helped me move into the new apartment, since Robby was not here to help yet. He loved my place, and is now contacting my landlord about renting his own apartment here.

    If you're happy where you are, then don't make changes cause other people think you should be soemthing else.

    OH! and don't compare yourself to your siblings! My brother's got a good paying job, and nice house, a wife and kids. he's got the works. So what. I'm happy with my quaint little life. I don't need all those fancy life trimmings he has. It's MY life and I'm gonna live it.
  5. hey. sorry. i'm not posting on the main board right now, but I really wanted to give you some words of encouragement. Why do you feel a need to change things? Is it something you want, or is it something you think you're suposed to do?
    As long as you're not hurting anyone. (and this includes yourself), then you do whatever makes you happy. Robby is in his 30's and still lives at home. And there's nothing wrong with that. He was helping his parents out, and he just didn't have anywhere to go. (no GF or job to move for)
    Now, he's got me, and he wants to change things in his life, cause I make him happy. I went out and got a bigger apartment for us, and made some changes, and he's looking for more work, to help out, and he's gonna move up here with me. We were both happy before, and now we want something different, so we went and made the changes.
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