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  1. Nevermind, refraining.
  2. lol you are too much, man. just reading your redundant paragraphs makes me tired.

    move on. and I like how now you're assuming things about me. nice one, hypocrite.
  3. Again you don't get me because you keep making assumptions. I don't hate you, dislike you, want to kill your children or anything of the sort. You came into the thread, after it's been essentially resolved stating I'm essentially a troublemaker, when the truth behind the problem is simply my frustration when I have other users (specifically the russian moron we have been mentioning) bullying other users. This isn't an issue of thick or thin skin, or anger, that you seem to assume I have.

    I won't repeat my reasoning for messaging you, but don't misunderstand, this isn't an emotional, or any type of attack against you. Just calling you out on your ridiculous assumptions and poor timing. Though the last sentence of your response kind of wipes any credibility of you being anywhere near being an adult, so I'll refrain from messaging you, I have to deal with too many hormone fueled teens as it is.
  4. sorry about the late response, both on the last message and this one. I've been working lately and haven't been on the forums at all.

    I don't get you, man. Unreasonable? UNEDUCATED? About what, exactly? You're so damn fragile, and once again you're attempting to pick a fight instead of just calling it off, being reasonable and mature, and dropping it. But no, you continue to send me paragraphs of my transgressions and how you feel you've been wronged.

    We've gotten multiple reports about you and that's why I jumped in in the first place. Now you continue to be butthurt about it, because for some reason you're the most sensitive person on the forum. I gave you a warning, I THINK you understand why, and even if you feel it's unfair, I feel like you understand why I AM warning you about - so hate me or do whatever you need to do, move on, and drop it. And try and make some friends while you're here, huh? You seem to be struggling.
  5. So let me get this straight, you make an unreasonable assumption and try to call me out, based on a clearly shallow observation, and tell me to stop bitching to clarify your clearly inappropriate attempt to resolve the situation? I just love how you feel you have to give your uneducated opinion nearly an entire day after it's been resolved by our own initiative. What you call "bitching" or "drama queen" is me correcting you.

    If you don't want to be "bitched" at publicly maybe you should enforce the so called etiquette you preach and not try to call me out publicly on a matter us users have already resolved.
  6. Just be the better man and when it devolves into that type of spitting contest, just walk away from it instead of sinking to their level and doing it with them. Next time you wanna bitch at me, PM me. Stop being a drama queen and trying to get attention.
  7. Thats an asinine assumption, most of my "debates" devolve to name calling because it's a bunch of illogical kids. Look at monkey king, Russian stelok, who frankly, shouldn't even exist on the forums considering the last two threads were him forcefully devolving the conversation to "You're stupid. I'm right, You're wrong, You're suffering child abuse". Then you have monkey king litterally changing my quotes to me insulting myself.

    If you want to point fingers, it should be to the children who can't hold a proper argument/debate of pure logical points, not at my frustration they can't respond properly without trying to insult me for thinking differently, or more likely as an adult. I'm sure you'll do the whole "well you shouldn't respond", well, I shouldn't have to tolerate such nonsense either.
  8. Appreciate the feedback/welcome. I'm trying to avoid posting in the thread because it's just unnecessary slander/drama.
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