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  1. Hey--I've been gone a long time, evidently. Congrats on the green sir--it suits you. :-)
  2. Hey eerie. Didn;t see this for some reason. Thank you for your kind wishes--same back at ya for you and yours.
  3. happy holidays mom! have a nice new year with your family. :)
  4. Hi eerie. It has been a long time. I read that you've been busy--I myself was ill, so took some time off from the forums as well, myself. Glad to see you back. :-) Not sure how much I can be on these days, but I will make some sort of attempts
  5. i just wanted to drop by and say hi since it feels like forever since we've bumped into each other on here.

    hope you're doing well mom!
  6. Alright keep yer shirt on. Sheesh. It's cleared out. Send away, lol.
  7. clean out your messages ! you're a mod don't you have extra space??? don't act like your all popular !!
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