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  1. some stuff. Like life and other crude. I'll link you my Da. Hold up.
  2. I just realized you send me a message but you put it on your board >.<

    I shall check it out in the future, I don't really go on DA much, but if you like you can DM me of your work o:

    Anyway's what's been happening in your life?
  3. Ah! I didn't know you were an artist! That's so cool! What kinds of stuff have you drawn?
  4. Real life events. Coronavirus. Trying to commission more art online and also getting a job. It's hard but I'm so far hasn't gone insane yet.
  5. Thankies! What's been happening since last we chatted?
  6. cool I never knew. Welcome back
  7. Hello there! We used to talk before on my old account Ekila. I sorta abandoned the account because I felt like I didn't fit in, but then I came back. Since I changed my password, and didn't know what it was, I made a fresh new account. This is the new name I go by! Just wanted to reach out.
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