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  1. I guess I should try to read the last book then.
  2. It depicts what happens 13 years before the events of The Mazerunner. It sheds some light on the virus, solar flares, and other apocalyptic events that led to the Maze trials. Its actually pretty gritty in my opinion, and explains a lot more about the start of it all. This book made up for the lack luster scorch trials by filling in on some plot holes. So you should give it a try. And I was one of those who did want to know Thomas's past and we eventually got it.
  3. Hey, decided to talk here instead. I didn't read Book 4 cause I didn't want to continue with the series. What does it explain? I found that most people complained about the 3rd book because Thomas didn't want to find about Wicked's creation/his past. Oddly, I was completely a-okay with this decision.

    Yeah, the 1st book really hooked me, but I guess I was "naive", and didn't expect that everything was going to be sci-fi explained.
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