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  1. Nono it's after that, Origins is... the one who must not be remembered.
  2. Is that Gunn in hell?? It is, isn`t it? Poor Gunn :(
  3. First three minutes of origins OHMYGOSH
  4. Ah, alright, didn`t know that. Ok, then itīs not really a spoiler, I wasn`t really commenting on Giles role on the show, just that he isn`t part of the main cast anymore (i.e. part of the credit sequence). Also, I say take your time with the show, no need to rush things, right? I`m very interested in your reaction to some upcoming episodes and storylines. Btw, how exactly are you watching this? One episode of Buffy, one episode of Angel? Or more like, a couple episodes of this and then a couple episodes of that?
  5. I don't pay attention to the credits... XD

    I'm still just done with episode 1.~ I take a long time to recover
  6. Wait what? I thought you watched the first episode of Season 6 already?? So you must have seen the main credits oO You know, the title sequence? At what episode are you exactly??
  7. Don't tell me about Season 6 Giles DDDD:
  8. Oh man, I`m not even going to comment on Buffys future relationships *coughs* No spoilers here! Btw, hope I didn`t spoil too much for you with my comment on the musical episode. When it first aired, it was telegraphed months ago that there would be a musical episode, so I didn`t really consider it a spoiler, my bad. That episode starts as a musical from the first second though, without any explanation, so atleast you won`t be like "what the hell is going on" for the first ten minutes or so Itīs more of a stylistic thing really, it would be like spoiling "The Body" by saying "There is an episode without any background music coming up". The Body, also one the best episodes ever. I actually really like it when an episode just makes me cry like that, I find it liberating^^ It has the same effect on me like a lot of episodes of Six Feet Under, very similar style.
  9. But the Season 4 finale is still one of my favourite episodes ever, you know the ones where Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles each have a big, meaningful dream. It`s just one of these episodes that tells the viewer "Yeah, you`re actually watching a really, really, smart show :)" Giles is one of my fave characters, his relationship with Buffy is so moving to me, so it is a big disappointment that he isn`t part of the main cast in Season 6 anymore :( Same with Oz, who was just written out because the actor wanted to make movies. Shame really. I also like Xander, who is about the only t.v. character I`ve seen so far who is kinda similar to me But you are right, Spike is just great, both in his villain role and in his "annoying neighbour" role from Season 4, lol
  10. Well, then Huschel has a great taste in television^^ Yeah, thats the problem for first time viewers, the first season is just a little too cheesy and simple, also it has it`s standout episodes (the finale is awesome!!) so you have to be patient. I agree, Season 2 is where it really starts to get good, with the introduction of Spike and Dru. As I mentioned, I enjoyed Angelus much more than Angel. Season 4, you know, I agree on the Inititative part, but I actually kinda liked the gang kinda splitting up for a while, because it mirrors what can happen to good friends that go different ways after high school. I did enjoy the big fight the four central characters have at the end, but I was a little annoyed that it is basically resolved five minutes into the next episode -.-
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