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  1. Well said, it depends on context. Even if the intent isn't meant to offend, it doesn't change the certain terms used as derogatory still hold that meaning for plenty of people who experienced it. "Gaijin" is a strange case since that is an actual non-offensive word that is sometimes used in a harsh manner by vocal anti-foreigner individuals.
    However, the history of "Jap" may not resonate well with younger Japanese populace as it does with the older generation.

    And yeah, I keep putting off cleaning my PM inbox.
  2. About the "Jap" I saw you comment about, my personal experience with my Japanese friends living in Japan think it's funny that foreigners call them Jap. I don't think you can actually choose who gets offended by it. Just like the word Gaijin isn't offensive, Jap isn't offensive unless you use it in a derogatory sentence. It's easier to say when speaking in English with friends as well, identifying international online players, "yea he's Jap".

    Ur Pm's are full btw
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