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  1. I like Shonen genres. I like light fantasy, dark fantasy, mythological fantasy, slice-of-life, martial arts, sports, mysteries, suspense, romantic comedies, gag comedies, um, maybe others that I didn't list.
  2. It's better than almost every anime I've ever seen or manga I've ever read. A transcendental experience that will change how you view the world forever. Several AP regulars are playing right now - are you interested? I would say though that you'll have to tell me what genres and anime/manga you like first. MLA might not be for you, but if it is, you'll love it forever.
  3. Hey, I wanted to know what Muv-luv was and the whole "anime and manga obsolete" meant :S
  4. Hey, I got an email note from you, so my box be clean now. Send away! Or leave me a visitor message, either is fine. :V
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