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  1. Oh wow thanks! Sorry for the late response! My friend was also telling me how awesome the 5th ending was of ever17. I'll check it out after I play those beginner ones you recommended me. My friend's a huge vn fan so he'll probably let me borrow some of his games that he has. You mention quite a few that he has already.
  2. Tell me what interests you specifically and I'll hook you up with your choice. Narcissu is within safe reach of Google, but I can't vouch for links to the other titles I haven't checked out myself.
  3. After that, you have a lot of choices. You can go the Nitro+ route, which, contrary to Steins (a 5pb. invention) is mostly guro with gritty sci-fi. TYPE-MOON specializes in imaginative fantasy stories like Tsukihime and Fate/stay night. The series that has captured my heart, and to date is the best I've ever played, is Muv-Luv by âge. It nails all the elements of fiction and has amazing production values (in Unlimited/Alternative), I liken it to Star Wars: A New Hope in comparison with everything that came before 1976. TLC is playing Muv-Luv right now, and Maki plans to play it after finishing Demonbane (a Nitro+ title).

    If you like command + conquer games and Dynasty Warriors, Sengoku Rance is great, too. It has a great setting and good characters, with an OK plot. It's also hilarious as fudge, although very politically incorrect and violent. It is an "H" game in the truest sense of the word.
  4. Recommended starter VNs would be Narcissu and Planetarian. Both are succinct but effective, with limited choices ("kinetic" novels). From there, I recommend going into the Infinity series, starting with Ever17 - the out of infinity-. Ever17 is an excellent novel, primarily science fiction with some adult romance. You don't have to pick Ever17, but I assure you it's good.
  5. My most favorites are bolded: harems,comedies,slice of life,shonen,mysteries,supernatural,Romance,Drama and science fiction. Those are the ones that stand out.
  6. What genres do you like in anime/manga?
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