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  1. Sup Rogue?
    Tell me, what's your take on the latest BL chapters? Aside from the fact that they're getting shorter and shorter... and even shorter
  2. You know how to make a man smile, good sir. You have my sincerest gratitude, fellow Mikasa worshiper.

  3. Enzeru Old Friend, Old Pal, Hope you've had a Magical Birthday~!*

    *Brought to you by Mahou Shoujo Mikasa
  4. Ooh Rogue, you crazy banana! Happy Birthday! :D
  5. Inbox Space is cleared. You may proceed with Part 2.
  6. Change of plans. I can't send you the second part of my PM till you clear some space in your inbox. :P
  7. Well played, good sir. Well played.

    Now get back into the thread you started and shower us with delicious fanart.

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