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  1. Happy birthday!
    Feels like you've been gone for so long...;)
  2. Happy birthday :3
  3. Don't just watch Meta, play! Play!!

    Your feelings and emotional attachment for the characters are stronger when you're the one having to make those tough decisions and choices, compared to watching a Let's Player on Youtube make the choices for you.

    It's an entirely different experience, trust me.
  4. Ohmygod I watched all the way through episode 3 of Life is Strange.

    The feels man, the feels! I have to know what happens next!

  5. Yes, you bet your ass it is.

    It's only among the best character-driven games I've ever played, consistently praised by critics, and won the Develop Industry Awards for Best Narrative and Best New IP.

    I recently "converted" Galaxy after I strongly recommended he try the game in the IRC chat. He played, and told me that "I don't think I've ever felt that personally attached to characters in a video game in a long time."

    So Join us Meta, Join us ~~~~
  6. Hold up, is that Life is Strange in your avatar? I've seen an LP of sorts of that game, and it looks excellent.
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