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  1. Hope you've been having a great holiday season! Missers you!

    Take the survey. Take it. You know you want to help with 30% of my grade.
  3. eeeeaaat ddiiiiirrrt
  4. Diiiiiiirrrrttttt
  5. we didn't exchange it at Sakura-con?

    lol, oyah, that's right - tomorrow mebbe then

    there's Trapper's Sushi where there's a bar ... AND a sushi bar, lol
  6. I dun have ur number.

    but no, I live in Bothell, but I commute Mon-Fri to Kent for work.
  7. rofl

    where are you again? weren't you further south than me? text me or something
  8. hahah yeah man i URGGGE FOR BOOKSTORE

    i urge for BAR let's go get some drinks
  9. lol, yes, a must

    I have been feeling urges to head up to Kinokuniya or something
  10. dirrtttt I miss you !! we should hang out again sometime.
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