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  1. Yes, I'm surprised by how brutal Wano turned out to be. It's nice to see Zoro finally getting a real challenge after so many chapters of the New World.
  2. Things are becoming more interesting again though. I just really want that level of tension again. Or danger perhaps? Hopefully Wano can deliver with that.
  3. Yeah, after the time skip I do feel that the characters have become way too cartoony for their own good. Sanji almost dying because of a nosebleed is the prime example of this. If anything Brook and Franky have gotten a better treatment with their badass moments during Dressrosa and Whole Cake.
  4. Haha no worries, yes we started this ridiculously long but great series might as well keep at it! I will say back when we
    were on OPOC, the tone of the manga was different. I think it got a bit more kiddy to be honest post timeskip. Water 7
    and Enies Lobby still my favorite arcs. Maybe it’s nostalgia, getting older, etc.

    How about you?
  5. Sorry for the late reply! I barely check this place outside of the game threads. I'm glad you're still around as a One Piece fan.
  6. Hello friend! Long time it’s been :)

    Ohhhhh holy shit Kaimei its been ages haha
  8. I was checking a old thread of mine and I noticed that you are SoruOwnz from the One Piece One Crew MSN group lol

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who keeps enjoying One Piece to this day. BTW my username used to be Kaimei Karasuhebi before I asked a mod to change it.
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