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  1. You'll have to forgive me. Either that term is too medical or just ridiculous.

    Oh my. How on earth?
  2. I must confess that I had to search "BMI" to understand your message.

    It seems our counterpart Iqover190 has finally bested me.
  3. But have high scores in many video games and high BMIs!
  4. I like Later Lass. With the ability to put things off until later.
  5. Together they form the Procrastination Pals fighting for leisure, anxiety and the freedom to never get anything done!
  6. I like Later Lass. With the ability to put things off until later.
  7. Personally I'd go with Indecision Man with the mighty inability to choose between anything mediocre.
  8. Mighty Will. A potentially plain superhero in the making.
  9. There is much to the mighty Will that many simply cannot comprehend dating back from burlesque dances at the turn of the 20th century.
  10. Yeah, but look at all the alluring mystery behind the meaning behind your name. Are you named Will? Are you just burning with the passion of willpower? Was the man who taught you how to live everyday like it is your last named Will? Look at all the questions it blossoms!

    I could think that, if I had joined earlier. And not based my name of a burlesque dancer.
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