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  1. Oh that's a shame but it's certainly understandable. I bet you have your hands full with official translations and whatnot anyway.
    In that case I'll keep my eyes open and wait for those guides to pop up. Still, thanks for the answer, stephen.
  2. Hi,

    I will be getting the game in a few weeks this time, and probably won't be putting together any guides like with KM2. Sorry! I'm sure people out there are compiling that information.
  3. Hello there fine sir;

    Since you're probably going to play KM3 as well, I wondered whether or not you're going to do those handy menu translations again. I remember them helping a lot of folks a *great* deal back in the day. And I'm certain they'd so once again should you decide to go for it.
  4. here's the guy who translates it:
  5. Hi stephen; I guess the chance of you knowing is slim since you aren't directly involved with the translation, but do you happen to know if the Viz translator in charge of Magi is a capable one? I've been thinking about importing the English volumes but wouldn't want to spend money on something that might be of mediocre quality. Thanks in advance.
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