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  1. Thanks man! Found this artist that does some great LoZ stuff and it was a hard choice between that Fierce Deity, Gerudo Link+Zelda or some great Mipha stuff. Tough choices >.<
  2. that's a great Fierce Deity pfp!
  3. Hmm yeah I can understand that. But still, Kiragi and Forrest... :(

    Midori is a good choice, but no love for Mitama?
    Or even Caeldori?
  4. they're very safe choices that I kinda figured they were going to do. Give me Midori and Selkie tho.
  5. Hahaha I like that description of her face :P
    And fair enough, perhaps I have simply been cursed by a lack of appreciation. It's a shame they chose the two worst royal children though...
  6. i was pretty surprised. And hey, I think Soleil has good art, especially the little ":3" face she's making. Do want.
  7. ...y'know there must be some kind of karmic curse going on here. Because just a few days after I'm out trashing Rhajat (or however you spell her dumb name) and Seigebert the new Heroes stuff comes out and, what'd you know, Rajhat looks great, Seigefried looks decent...and Soleil looks dopey as all hell.
  8. That's cool :) I'm always oddly interested by names that are clearly the composite of two individual, common words, but that nevertheless don't really stand out as such when you read them. Newcastle is probably my favourite example (since it's probably one of the most blatant and least creative I know). Now that you point out that MetaMario is a composite of Meta Knight and Mario its really obvious but I'll be damned if I'd have thought of that before you mentioned it :P
  9. The very very first time I used the name was making custom names in the game Super Dragon Ball Z, where I was kinda mashing my favorite characters together. Meta (Knight) and Mario. I used the name in my first account, years ago, and I used it to register. Switching it to "Dash" was a workaround on Miiverse where the other name was actually taken, so I kept it for Discord, Twitter, and my new account.
    And yeah, the "-dash" originally came from Rainbow Dash, but the word is so ambiguous one wouldn't guess it :P
  10. Oh yeah you've mentioned before that the Meta is the more constant part of your online identity :P.
    I have the vague sense I've asked you this before, but I can't find the answer in the log of this particular conversation so maybe I haven't, but is there any particular reason behind the name (talking both the 'Meta' and the 'Mario' components)?
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