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  1. Well, a lot of good things happened in the past few days. I got my SSI for starters! So, I finally have an income! ^^ I also reconnected with my cousin from Poland! (Finally, one family member that is accepting of me, and is fine with me in their life!) Lastly, I reconnected with a good friend, who I could not find on facebook, so my friend SerraBritt (Who is on here.) looked through her messages, and found the link for her page. (This is my third facebook, hence why I had to find her again.) So, yeah! :3

    Where did you move to and from by the way? -curious-
  2. Hi! Sorry for the late response. Things have been pretty good, thanks. Just been working, and doing all the fun stuff that comes with moving across the country, haha. How about you?
  3. Hi there! How have things been with you? And anything new happened since the last time we chatted? o:
  4. Well, exciting stuff was me getting full-time at my job again. I say this since I had full-time before, but I transferred to another store, so I got stuck with part-time. I mostly got it because I showed my new manager that I was a hard worker. Besides that, I have been slowly losing weight, so I'm happy about that.

    Thanks for the link for Discord! I am friends with a few of the people you mentioned, so it be nice to hear how they talk like xD

    And thanks as well for the information about Big Brother ^^
  5. Yeah, guess ups and downs are normal. Hopefully the "downs" aren't too bad, though! Anything exciting happening?

    The Discord app is pretty fun, yup! Don't worry too much about being shy, I was shyer when I first came there, but we chat about life and fun stuff basically every day, and a few members even stream video games that they're playing, so it's a nice way to hang out with fellow AP members in real-time. Got plenty of awesome people like Noq, Fool, Mugen, crys, and many others who hang out there. Here's the link if you're interested (hope it works):

    Also, I noticed on your wall that crys was talking about Big Brother with you. I'm playing too, but yeah, if you're interested in watching the game and basically getting access to all the threads, Kubi/Wooden/Nate (who are running it together) could probably give you a seat!
  6. Well, life has been ups and downs for the most part. And as for Discord, I might try it out in the future, though I am kinda shy.
  7. Sorry for the late response. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy 'em! Hearing that other people like reading them is a big reason why I keep doing it.

    Life's been pretty good, thanks. Fairly quiet summer here, not too much going on. I have been on the Discord chat app that a lot of members use, so you should consider checking that out. A few of us are there every day and it's pretty fun.

    How about you, how's your life been?
  8. I always appreciate your Viz vs. Mangastream comparisons. You do a good job with those! ^^ Anyways, how has life been treating you?
  9. Hey! Nice to meet you too.
  10. Hi there! It's nice to meet you! :3
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