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  1. Happy birthday Robby. Woah, your born in 1981 too
  2. That article was suppose to be about Elian Gonzalez. The link messed up
  3. Well it was understandable for you to lock the profanity thread, I was having a dry little fun
  4. There's nothing specific TO list, nothing that they'd fix. It's inaccurate, often based off the first translation that comes out, (For example, insisting Koala was a boy) biased towards the editor's preferences (so for example, Hancock's entry will be excessively long) or refuses to accept common sense (such as Sabo being alive.) It's a decent starting point to find a reference, especially for minor characters and dates, but it shouldn't be the first and only resource people go to.

    The biggest thing is that they replace manga pictures with anime pictures as soon as the anime gets to that point, and that obviously is just... dumb. Bizarro anime bias which extends to filler... which is of course sometimes wrong or contradictory.
  5. Hey Robby, list everything you don't like about OP Wiki so I can forward the problem over there
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