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  1. Your first line with meh and the new job made me think you don't care much for the job.
  2. "I guess you aren't a fan of the work?" Sorry, I didn't understand this part.
  3. I guess you aren't a fan of the work?

    The cosplay was good, and glad you got to be able to get funds to invest more in it.
  4. Meh, I got a new job as a free lancer translator.

    Besides that, I did invest on more cosplays, a lolita one, to be precise.
    So, did you liked the nun cosplay?
  5. Hey there stranger, how has life been treating you?
  6. Hey there, long time no see.
  7. Hey, I finally managed to beat King Dice, once I learned how to juggle the pink cards, that was easy. Now, I'm having a hard time with the Devil.

    Ah, I did a new cosplay, this time is Maria Takayama
    Image 1
    Image 2
    Image 3
    Image 4
  8. Thanks, and no, is generic maid.
    And, no again, still stuck on King Dice, but I managed to fight him, I'm fighting him right now as we speak.
  9. It works pretty well on you. Is it supposed to represent a specific character, or just maids in general?

    Also, you manage to finish Cup Head?
  10. Here are the links, sorry to bother you :/
    Image 1

    image 2
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