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  1. Ah ! That was so kind of your part. :)

    Once again, thanks <3
  2. Yeah, maybe a bit late but I thought you deserved it!
  3. Hey, thanks for the out of the blue nomination for friendliest member in the AP awards. I am really surprised by this, I mean, I don't even post here anymore.

    I just loged in and found the AP awards happening and, to top it off, I saw my name among the nominated ..What a good surprise. :)
  4. haha that's right
  5. Well, that is a daily fight, right ?
  6. Thank you, all I have to do this year is not die!
  7. Happy birthday~~27 is a cool age, almost near the big 30's.
  8. Thanks dude! What a nice club.
  9. Happy birthday !!! Welcome to the 26th year old club.
  10. Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
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