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  1. You've been upgraded from rent-a-cop to deputy.
  2. Thanks. I'm here to serve.
  3. Seriously though, congrats bro.
  4. *makes Mario finding a mushroom and growing big sound effect*
  5. Whoah someone leveled up.
  6. lol I want something BETTER looking, not ridiculous.
  7. Yeah I hear ya, that blinding bright yellow kind of hurts my eyes when I'm reading.

    Maybe you could get rainbow letters~?
  8. and what I meant by that was that I like the color green way more than this... yellow. I can barely read it with my bad eyes, hah.
  9. lolol good ol' gekko. no, I don't plan to let it go to my head. it's not too big of a deal, anyway.
  10. *grabs radio*
    Code Green, eerie is trying to usurp the authority. Requesting back-up.

    You're welcome though~. I think you can thank Gekko for the rent-a-mod joke though. I just hope the power hasn't gone to your head yet.
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