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  1. Yo dude, can I ask a favour? Would you change guetaminutes name to YOLO McSwagger. Just for an hour or something. Lol
  2. hahah

    i can't do it right away.. you gotta wait till the time is right..
  3. And apparently you are green now. Nice

    Now to go griffin on this board and line yourself up for a section in the hall of fame/shame.
  4. sweeeeet i'm ready
  5. im drawing you again. though this time you look like a dodgy/slick car salesmen XD
  6. Lol i know, i'm just tied up with the usual work, partner and life obligations most of the time. But that aside i usually prowl irc and chat to the usual folk there. Still... i know you are right and i'm going to make more of an effort all of 2012 and beyond.

    Hope to catch you around more mate. Peace
  7. new years* lol. and we should try talking a bit more this year!
  8. a bit early but no matter:) happy near years and holidays to you, too, smudge!
  9. Happy new years dude. Hope this year is an awesome one for you. ;D
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