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  1. Thank you, my friend.
  2. oh best of luck with them!
  3. Nah, I've got exams this week lol.
  4. No prob, I can toss you an audience spot if you want.
  5. But thank you for the offer! You're not the first person who's unsuccessfully invited me to a Mafia game.
  6. Thank you. XD I haven't been actively posting as much lately, but I hope that changes once Sanji's wedding starts.

    Eh, maybe next time. I'm way too busy lol.
  7. Honestly you are one of the users that I am more likely to read a topic if I see your name as the "last post by" because I know it will actually be worth reading. Seriously the sheer number of things you got nominated for goes to show the quality of your posts.

    Speaking of banana antics: if you feel interested in getting lost in the madness of the AP forum games there is still open slots in the mafia I'm running.
  8. Past five years? Damn lol, I am NEVER taking that compliment for granted. I'll be sure to, as long as you keep up your amusing forum game antics.
  9. Haha thank you

    Congrats on the awards! I knew you would get the best new member award since you are probably the best new member in the past 5 years. Keep up the great posting.
  10. Best avatar of the year. I expected no less from such brilliant craftsmanship.
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