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  1. My pleasure.

    The Dornish also have a unique heritage from a different region of Essos, so they're proud of that distinction too in the same way that the Northmen do (though without the different religion).
  2. So they are suppose to be that isolated. I never really got that impression from the show but that explain much. If you add that they killed or caused the death of a dragon it is no surprise that they are such pround people. That kind of feats is the thing you lack when Aegon seems to have conquered the whole thing by himself.

    Thank you for the information.
  3. Oh, I forgot! Aegon's sister Rhaenys and her dragon were both killed during the first invasion of Dorne. So that sucked for the Targaryens too.
  4. Dorne is mostly a big hot desert, and isolated enough from the rest of Westeros to make supply lines difficult. Aegon's troops couldn't handle the desert heat and struggled to maintain order across the whole region. So while Aegon or his sisters could fly in and burn a city to the ground, they couldn't keep the people from guerilla warfare.

    About 80 years after Aegon's conquest, one king actually did totally conquer Dorne but only held it for a few years. Before then there were several failed invasions as well as a lot of misrule.
  5. You seems to have read the Ice and fire books so I would like to ask a question. Why couldn't Aegon and his siblings conquered Dorne?
  6. Thank you for the tip.
  7. Saw you resorting to odd means to space your comments apart in the SDS thread. Try typing < br > twice but without spaces to insert line breaks while the forum is still buggy. The one drawback is that you have to redo the line breaks each time you edit a post
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