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  1. Hey good sir, I found this site and I really liked it.
  2. scowls and shakes fist

    Damn you start times!
  3. But I still remember the final showdown between you and the blue cat lady.
  4. It's ok, really.
    At least is something that is helping me to find motivation to log in/post here.
  5. Glad you had fun with it! Sorry for kind of phasing out with my participation :0
  6. I got to say, that whole DF game idea was great !!!
  7. A lot of them are bad but some are classic :) Rudolph is definitely my favorite.
  8. Americans/Brazilians, I don't watch them because I found them mostly cheesy. :v

    Especially those bad animations.
  9. Black Friday is just the worst :p

    What are the movies you watch? Are they dubbed American specials or unique Brazilian ones?
  10. We also have a black friday, but, nowadays, it became a "black mouth".
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