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  1. Many thanks to you, you excellent self-aware plumber.
  2. Happy birthday, good sir jabberwoky.
  3. Thanks :D I felt it called for me finally getting a signature (yet to be debuted).
  4. Ahaha, welcome to the senor club. :)
  5. You're never gonna believe this man. Because I was bored and hated myself, I attempted a run in FE6 where I only used prepromotes, two healers, Roy, and Lalum: Marcus, Zealot, Klein, Echidna, Igrene, Garret, Percival, Cecilia, Douglas, and Yuno.

    I pushed through 11A, the bridge chapter, the freaking desert, re-capturing Aquelia, I breezed through Iila, and by crafty strategy, RNG, and luck, I beat Murdock and his army of wvyerns.

    But....hahaha, I killed Zeiss for lulz back in chapter 15, so I ended up losing the Apolocalypse gaiden, and by proxy, three extra chapters and the good ending.

  6. I have confirmed Ilia's pegasus knights do not pay attention to weapon triangle or stats. Even when I just finished 10B (Bartre/Elphin route), Tate's knights got themselves killed again. Tate herself derped and throwed a javelin at the boss, and he would definitely kill her on enemy phase 8_8
  7. Ooh look what I found: someone translated the FE6 artbook, so there's official art of everyone, their ages (estimates), and a little blurb on each character:
  8. I mean if Sophia joined in an early castle level, where she could hide on pillars and reliably kill knights? All the factors kinda pool together: her starting stats would acceptable if she had more speed or at least more con. But, to be fair, I've rolled the dice on hit rates from ~40 to ~60 in really tough situations, so I guess I'll pray to the RNG Goddess.

    I could give her Nosferatu to at least heal herself, but IIRC that tome is heavier than Flux. She'd get doubled by anything D:

    Yeah, I feel two nomads is kinda redundant. I'm not gonna torture myself with Hard Mode immediately, maybe do another run or two where I master more of the game and choose different units and routes, but Shin, Tate, Rutger, Fir, Percival, Miledy.....they are the champions of Hard Mode.
  9. Strategy games always love to have a bridge level and it always pisses people off. At least this one doesn't have as much bullshit as Thracia's or Path of Radiance's.

    Is there even a good chapter for Sophia to join on? It's only the limited visibility that hurts her on 14, since the sand actually kind of works in her favor.

    No Shin? The guy might have the least-inspired design but he cleans up like nobody's business. I'll assume you're saving him for your eventual Hard run.
  10. Chapter 13 seems to take chapter 8's theme "taking ages to get to the boss" It's so long. Wvyerns are nasty but based Oujay with Wyrmslayer and Lilina seem to clean them up nicely.

    The worst are the cavaliers and the paladins. The paladins have silver lances and take forever to kill, and cavalier spawns are annoying. I tried to do a moving barrier with Echidna and Gonzales (Lanceaver and Halberd), but she took too many hits T_T

    as for my units:

    god tier: Lilina, Rutger, Alan+Lance
    very good tier: Oujay, Noah, Alan and Lance seperate, Noah, Lugh, Echidna
    solid tier: Gonzales, Fir, Thany, Sue (these 3 ladies need strength desperately), Roy, Clarine, Astol, Saul
    they're trying at least: Wendy, Tate

    Everyone else is pretty much benched. If raising Wendy is a chore, how can I ever even bother with Sophia? The game picks the worst chapter to have her come in.
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