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  1. Not that I'm immediately aware of. You trying to translate something?
  2. Know anyone that speaks Korean?
  3. Hey I’ve just been super busy. Working on an Eddie Murphy the last couple weeks and Ridley being revealed in Smash has completely taken up like 99% of my forum time. That’s why I haven’t been too active in the forums lately. Other than that all is more or less well.
  4. Been pretty good, Summer been alright can't complain you?
  5. Hey thanks Lord Monkey D! I appreciate that! I really do! How you been?
  6. Happy realllllllllyyyyyyy late belated birthday
  7. Oh right! I had no idea what you meant at first, lol. Of course the chapter. I gotta think a little harder on it but I think she either asked for one real kiss or requested a promise to one another. Like to save themselves until the journey is done and return to one another.
  8. hello ?

  9. Don't tell me your going senile already Jinbe :P
  10. Last request? I"m honestly drawing a blank. What request was that again? What ever it is I completely forgot sorry.
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