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  1. Yay! Here check this website, you'll find all my info and address. I'll give you the hook up! email or text me!
  2. Hey, so I'm in LA area now, more or less. Was wondering where your dojo/business is located... I kind of wouldn't mind learning some kung fu from one of the best out there down the line >=D
  3. Nah, kind of wish I had before though. As soon as I got access to my Wii U all my time disappeared, and then work started and it's just not happening. I've written top ten lists and was going to smashboards pretty much daily though, at least up until it got killed. As for Ridley, I'm hopeful given that it's been so long after that cruel, cruel tease and there's still no sight of stage hazard Ridley. Hoping for a TGS reveal.
  4. You got me! I had Ridley up for since E3 2011 I think and i'm finally ready for something new. He's still my avatar on every other board though. I've been dissecting Sakurai's Pyrosphere quote as well as the 3 pictures of the stage it's self trying to figure something out. I still have hope, just not as much. Hahaha. How are you? Did you start on your site yet?
  5. Hey, what happened with Ridley not coming down until confirmed for Smash 4? =P
  6. Of course ... if it's a Nintendo game, chances are I've played it. Seeing how much of a fan you are I don't doubt this will blossom into an awesome friendship. Especially when online smash becomes a possibility!
  7. Oh, you play Pokemon too? We'll be good friends. Hahaha.
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