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  1. Ah.. The always tempting life of MMO/MOBA... I managed to escape its claws, but I think that its trying to capture me again.

    Right now, I am living the outside 3D life + the girlfriend expansion pack, so far, no complains.

    I am also listening to "new stuff" in music.

    I hope your cake taste great, even though I'm a pie guy.
  2. Heyo. Currently living the MMO hermit life and eating cake. Sup with you, Cap
  3. Hey~~~ What's up ?
  4. Well, well, well, here I am again, to wish you a happy birthday.

    Happy birthday !!
  5. Thanks very much Cap~!
  6. Congratulations on graduating. ;)
  7. No problem my dear ;) I hope you had a awesome birthday !!!
  8. Thank you very much~
  9. Happy birthday !!!!
  10. Very Merry Christmas to you back~
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