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  1. I'm so sorry, I totally forgot to get on my 3DS. I should be free for the next two hours and most of the day during the next four days.
  2. That's okay, I should be available around that time too, maybe a little later if there's traffic on the way home. I've already added your FC.
  3. I'm sorry I've been so swamped with much today, I'll attempt to be online today after work so around 8 hours from this timestamp
  4. Are you free to trade anytime today or tomorrow if you're still interested in the HA gible?
  5. No problem, I'll try to keep an eye out for your message and I'll register your FC now.
  6. I'll try to be home within 6 hours I can't garauntee it though. thanks again (you have my friend code right)
  7. Ready to trade for the next 6 hours. Just message me. My in game name is Large Ham.
  8. I have the gabite, sorry for the wait (traffic was terrible). If I can't give it to you today, I should be free for most of tomorrow (starting around noon my time).
  9. thank you so much
  10. Okay, I'll leave a message when I have it.
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