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  1. Yes, doing a conquest run with only hoshidan classes (the game treats dread fighters as hoshidan classes), with the only exception being Corn (since already did two runs were corrin ends on a hoshidan class in conquest, went with Paladin this time, the only thing that sucks about it is that she forgot her pants) named Sakura. lol
  2. Holy shit is that ninja Xander?

    Just a general run you're doing?
  3. I had to use pair up in Priam map but the real MVP's were the staff users and the A rank weapons
    Sorry to answer so late but my computer was having serious problems all this weak.
    Also filling all fates save files, my most recent conquest hard run(didn't went with lunatic cause don't want to deal inevitable end again lol).

    The hardest part in this play through so far was getting heart seals, get out of E-rank hell and drooping Elise.
  4. Good man

    Oh dude, I just beat a female-only no pair-up no grind run...and there's no way I could beat Priam in my regular run! hell, I had to cheese it by cramming everyone into the corner, rallying every turn, and using three Streetpass Galeforce units to win.
  5. I see from your avatar that you have very good taste.
    Priam map without grinding is an adventure.(50 enemies on steroids rushing at you, all at the same time.)
  6. Saw a playthrough where they tossed Benny around, then lunged onto the stair near Takumi! XD
  7. Funny story about that spearmaster with lunge in the top wall, so I send Xander in top of the wall to kill the archers, was ready to be lunged to Oboro and her group but instead the spearmaster with lunge went for the stairs and attacked Xander Lunge him to the stairs allowing me to retreat Xander downstairs in the next turn thus forcing Oboro and her group back to their original positions thus alowing me deal with then at my pace lol.
    Thanks random spearmaster guy lol.
  8. Also do you have a strait for the great wall of Takumi? I saw on a Twitch stream that you can trigger Rallyman and his friends (along with fort spawns) to move independently of the archers, but I have no idea how to tackle the top, where EVERYONE rushes you as soon as you set foot. I'm trying to save my Entrap and Freeze for chapter 25.

    I can't even tank with Xander because the stupid spear fighters have lunge!
  9. No no, I find Awakening's to be worse because the maps leave you little room to escape, plus stats get stupid inflated. Then again I watched LPs before actually playing FE6, so I had a feeling lol

    I really really like Panne and Nowi, but in my main file, I never reclassed them because I liked the unique niche of taguel and manakete, but it was a pretty dumb move because their class skills are pretty limited.

    Also Nah's paralogue is the hardest imo
  10. After binding blade, Awakening STR are tame in comparison lol (DAMMIT Rutger).
    Did Yarne paralogue and decided to not help any of two groups so that I could have all the items from the villages, needless to say was quite frantic because of the huge number of enemies lol(43).
    Panne is being my MVP of this run because she wrecks everything when you put her on top of a dragon.
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