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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the wishes and happy new year! I was busy reading/watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure during the school break myself. Good luck at school (and catching up with all those manga) too~
  2. Just swinging by and wishing you a great end of the year festivities! I am going to have to restart Butler because I had to drop it mid-semester. School will do that to you. Cheers!
  3. The 1st 2 arcs are Jack the Ripper and the Curry Arc, right? Glad you liked it *wipes tear*. The manga is still happily ongoing monthly. And the next arc would be a circus arc with heavy The Piper of Hamelin references (with a... controversial ending). Also, you might want to take notice of the Undertaker *hint hint*. Who's your favourite character?

    The general consensus of the manga readers is... the anime is disappointing. It completely deviates from the manga at about half of Season 1, and Season 2 is PURE FILLER. However, Season 3 (Book of Circus) animates the Circus Arc. Even the producers pretended that Season 2 never existed. As for Monster, I was preoccupied by exams and whatnot, so I am still only up to Chapter 96. I'll get there. Someday....

    You follow 10-15 mangas? Your Thursdays must be busy. O_O Have a good weekend.
  4. Hey! I was looking at Kuroshitsuji and I have read the first 2 arcs and watched some of the anime, I like it, it is cool, but I wanted it to have more chapters or finish before getting hooked. I already have a problem keeping track of the 10-15 that I follow now. How is Monster going? Have a good weekend.
  5. That manga is still ongoing monthly. Its set during the Victorian Era, and most of its story arcs weave around actual historical events. Thats what makes it interesting for me. It even guest stars Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The art is messy and shoujo-ish at 1st, but it improves. A lot. PS: ignore the yaoi shippers. Its NOT shounen ai.

    For some reason, I always have deep misgivings towards live-actions. I didn't manage to sit through the whole movie. It actually had a drama series recently, where Light is an idiotic high schooler with an idol crush and doesn't know the meaning of 'death' and 'note'. *shudders * Yup the 2nd half of Death Note wasn't as good, but the ending was fitting. And yeah, Kira-sama is my all time favourite character. *fans self* Btw, the writers of DN has a new monthly series called Platinum End. The 1st few chapters were underwhelming, but the latest 1 is starting to pick up pace.

    Yu Yu Hakusho is completed right? I'll read it after I finish Monster.
  6. Aah Death Note, it was high for me(my gaming avatar involves Kira) until the half point. I wasn't a fan of the new guys, but I also read it when I was young! I saw the live action and thought that the ending would've worked really well with the manga. I'll give your first manga a try too. I posted on "what are you reading..." if you want a more detailed list of what I've gone through.

    Have you read Yu Yu hakusho? It's from the same author and I think it will give you a good idea of what to expect from HxH in regards of plot, humor, action scenes. You'll also see that Bleach is a bad copy of it. The lazy art is because he sketches for the weekly releases, he used to work solo, but then he would re-draw them foe the volume/tankobon release. HxH is my top, the fights and how he weaves the plot, I am a fan.

    And yeah, I love so many OP characters, Mr.2, Ussopnnnn, Tereshishishi Saul, I could give some of my love to Iva-chan, and I would Mellorine over Nami.
  7. I like long replies, they make me happy.

    My fav is Death Note, FMA and OP. Currently rereading Monster and it is working its way up the list. Ye can't fully appreciate that manga when you are a snotty nosed kid. Shokugeki no Souma used to be very high, but the current story is just so amazingly meh *grumbles*. My 1st manga was Kuroshitsuji. It has some kind of special place in my heart. You can give it a go.

    I did wanted to read HxH, but the hiatuses seem daunting. I sometimes buy local 'manga magazines' (unlicensed printing of random weekly mangas), and saw the infamous lazy art (as legendary as Bleach's heartfelt illustration of air!) and was a bit lol nope. I'll try 1 day.

    As for my fav OP character, its obviously Croc. I also like Doffy, Mr 2, Vivi, and other characters I can't squeeze out from my brain now. My fav SH is Franky, and my love towards Usopp is seasonal. For some reason, this forum is slowly converting me into a Jinbei fan. Must. resist.

    That was long.
  8. I rather use scales from 1-5(or bigger). Because the series or characters go up or down depending on mood, and I mostly use complete series( I also read > watching anime), so OP and HxH are top in my on-going shows. Here is my best answer:

    -series: Yu Yu Hakusho, The Breaker, Shin Angyo Onshi, Kurozuka, Rurouni Kenshin, Monster...honorable mentions to: dragon ball, Great teacher Onizuka, Basillisk, Black Cat, Fullmetal alchemist.

    -one piece characters: from SH: Chopper, Brooke, Robin, Jinbe :3. To be fair I like the entire crew. And outside: Shakky, Rayleigh, Shanks fanboy. Doffy, Croco and Kuma...I might end up naming too many, Barto makes me laugh. Given that the show is still going and some/most of these characters might show up later all of these could change when the show ends. How about you? Sorry...this was long.
  9. Just wondering, who's your favourite One Piece character and what's your favourite manga (other than One Piece)?
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