• News Roundup for June 13-June 18 2011

      We're caught up with the news this time so this roundup will be shorter. Let's get started:

      - For the week of June 6th through the 12th, the latest Japanese "One Piece" DVDs from Avex fell quite a ways down Oricon's DVD sales rankings but still did quite well. "One Piece 13th Season: Impel Down Arc Piece. 2" sold 359 copies, placing 17th in animation DVD sales. "One Piece 13th Season: Impel Down Arc Piece. 1" sold 358 copies and was the 18th best-selling animation DVD.:


      - Police recently arrested 59-year-old Shinya Sugimoto of Nanao City in Ishikawa Prefecture on suspicion of sellin pirated CDs and DVDs. These pirated DVDs included the "One Piece" anime.:


      - To go along with this year's "One Piece Premiere Summer" event in Universal Studios Japan, "Sanji's Pirate Restaurant" will open up in the theme park on July 7th and close on September 4th. Visitors can visit the restaurant and get all sorts of "One Piece"-inspired foods:


      - For the week of June 6th through the 12th in Oricon's Japanese comic rankings, "One Piece" #62 once again placed in the top 30. The volume fell from a previous rank of 17 to 24 and sold 30,226 copies:


      - Japanese manufacturer Imperial Enterprise is coming out with a new umbrella modeled after Zoro's Wadō Ichimonji sword on June 20th. Only 9,999 will be made, an you can get it for 8,800 yen (about US$109) plus 630 yen (US$7.80) for shipping:


      - The New York Times Manga Best-Sellers list is out for the week of June 5-11. "One Piece" #57 came in at 8th place, and was released in America on June 7th:


      -This year Anime Expo will be hosting voice actor Toshio Furukawa as a guest. In the "One Piece" anime he's played "Portgas D. Ace:


      - Right Stuf now has a solicitation for the "One Piece Collection 2" DVD set from FUNimation. It has a release date for September 27th, 2011:


      As well, here is the boxart:


      And that's all I've got for now. See you next time.
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