• Downtime, Viruses, Magic, and RobbyBevard

      Welcome back everyone. Questions? Questions.

      First and foremost, the downtime was for the most part Robby's fault. No wait, that's not quite right. What happened was a UPS at the data center who hosts our server went down, and for some unknown reason it took them near 24 hours to get that fixed. So, yeah, the Scranton, PA data center that hosts our site had technical issues that not only took our site down, but also took a ton of other sites down along with the management console that would have allowed us to place a temporary redirect, etc, etc, who cares. If you have other questions or inquiries about this, then first and foremost get a life; if you have that already, I'm sorry. Oh, still interested? Ask Robby then, he knows about this stuff.

      Virus Alert High-Risk Site!!!!!! OMG!!! No, no, we don't have anything like that, sorry to disappoint. "But Norton told me!!" Well, Norton's wrong, and here's why: first and foremost, we don't host ads on our site; second, we don't allow uploads, attachments, scripts, or html on the forums, so no active script housing malware should be on the site; third, the site is running on a Linux server, and is itself running perfectly fine; fourth, we don't host ads on our site. So why is Norton wrong? More than likely someone on the forums posted a link that is bad. The link was more than likely either a.) reported by another user, or b.) picked up by a search engine and flagged automatically. Will this go away? It should, yes.

      That... should... cover it. If anyone has other concerns or knows more about this, feel free to mention it in the comments. I'll look into things to clear up what I can.
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