• News Roundup for May 22nd-28th 2011

      - The results from an online poll all the way back from April have recently been posted on the Japanese website Model Press. They're actually from another site called Escala Cafe, and the poll asked women in their 20s which manga they'd like to see adapted as a live-action film. "One Piece" got the second-most votes and scored with 14.2%:


      Now I know most of here on AP groan at the prospect of a live-action "One Piece" but hey I guess the casual audience in Japan doesn't consider past travesties like "Dragonball Evolution".

      - The Japanese animation T.V. ratings are out for the week of May 9th through the 15th. "One Piece" got in 5th place with an average household rating of 9.4:


      - The Japanese comic book rankings are out for the week of May 16th through the 22nd. "One Piece" volume 62 fell from 1st to 7th place and sold 103,360 copies.:


      - Last Friday the Japanese mobile music website Recochoku posted the results of a poll that asked users which anime character they'd like to marry. In the bride category Nami got 5th place, and in the groom category Zoro got 2nd place:


      - On May 26th ICv2 posted American sales results for manga during the first quarter on 2011. In the Top 10 Shonen Properties list "One Piece" got in 8th place:


      In the overall Top 25 Manga Properties list "One Piece" got in 10th place:


      Not too shabby I think.

      - We got some more news about "Unlmited Cruise SP for the 3DS. The developer of the game recently put up some 3D images of the game:


      Check out this image and solicitation for the guide book:


      If you pre-order the game you could get a rare "One Piece" figure from Club Nintendo Japan:


      Looks like the game is coming out in Italy on November 10th 2011:


      - Finally, since I got VIZ's release of volume 57 early, I can tell you when 58 is coming out in North America. It comes out October 2011, don't have an exact date at the moment. I'll probably put out a scan later.

      Well, that's it for now. Thanks to redon, Piratebeck, and King Calamari for posting some the various news pieces on the forums.
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      1. Samwize78's Avatar
        I can see it now, One Piece movie 12, in LIVE-ACTION!! As for Volume 58 coming out in October, I think VIZ usually releases their manga on the first Tuesday of every month. So it probably comes out October 4th.
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