• News Roundup for May 8th-14th

      Hey everyone, how's it going? I decided I'd try something different for the news section. Instead of making a bunch individual articles about the miscellaneous news items of the week, I thought I'd put them all together in one neat little package. So tell me what you think of this idea in the comments section, if it's positive enough I might continue reporting this way. The idea is to keep things more organized for news items that aren't site/forum updates, new episodes, chapters, etc...

      - One Piece Collection One Trailer is Out

      If you go the Amazon page for this DVD set you can now watch the trailer:


      - Teens Arrested For Shoplifting One Piece

      On April 28 three 17 year-old males were caught, and pretty easily, for stealing "One Piece" from a bookstore in Fukuoka. And you have to think they'd be caught pretty easily when they were planning to take the first 57 volumes of the manga. You can check out the full story here:


      - Online Poll Reveals Why People Buy Weekly Shonen Jump

      From March 23rd through the 26th, the Japanese portal site Goo asked users which manga series they buy the weekly magazine for. Guess which one came out on top:


      - Second Week Sales For Volume 62

      These are actually the first sales numbers for volume 62 following the official release date, May 2nd. According to Oricon, during the week of May 2nd-8th "One Piece" volume 62 was the #1 selling manga in Japan, selling 1,788,455 copies and bringing its grand total sales to 2,367,582 copies. In addition, volume 61 went from 48th to 19th place in the Japanese comics rankings, selling 29,822 copies and bringing grand total sales to 3,102,769:


      You can find some other interesting tidbits about volume 62's sales here:


      - New Merch From GE

      Thanks to King Calamari posting this in the FUNimation DVD thread.

      GE, a huge merchandise company in terms of anime stuff in America, has recently posted some cool "One Piece" stuff, including binders, a T-shirt, and a puzzle:










      - European Release Dates for "One Piece: Gigant Battle"

      France gets it July 31st:


      Germany gets it June 30th:


      Italy gets it on June 30th as well:


      Finally the U.K. gets it July 1st:


      - Interview With Evan Stone

      ANN has recently posted a lengthy interview with FUNimation attorney Evan Stone about the settlements dealing with "One Piece" downloads, among other details. Check it out:


      And that's about it for now. Just a heads up in case you didn't know though Stephen will be translating Color Walk 2 for VIZ. Also if you check boxofficemojo.com you'll see for the Japanese listings that "Jump Heroes" has completely fallen out of the top 19 at the weekend of April 23rd-24th and afterwards.
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      1. Chrissie's Avatar
        I think that's a good idea. Keeps the News uncluttered. :)
      1. RobinotX's Avatar
        Nice :). I now actually read it ^^
      1. cat-mode's Avatar
        yeah Firecrouch much better in a roundup format. So you don't push other topics out of the limelight.
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