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      Welcome to my new home for OP translations. I've decided to migrate from my old home page to the Arlong Park forums for a variety of reasons: to make the updating process more transparent to you (the reader), to save me a bit of hassle, to help me get past that ancient site which no longer serves any purpose to me, and to better serve the AP community, as it seems to me that this is where the majority of people who find my translations useful are congregated.

      With that introduction out of the way, let's go over a rule and some guidelines. The rule is simple.

      No scanlations are to be made with these scripts. I don't know why anyone would want to do this at this point, as Viz is nearly concurrent with Japan, and the scanlators will always be months ahead of me, but it bears repeating: I have a no-tolerance policy for bullshit. Let's play nice.

      Other tidbits for your edification are in the READ ME FIRST post of my new section. Just follow the link below!
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      1. RDarren's Avatar
        Wow, that sub-forum is cool and will help for the convenience of not only Stephen but of us. And I love the description ♥♥♥ lol.

        Thanks for the hardwork, Stephen-sama~~~!!♥
      1. Don Quichotte De Flamingo's Avatar
        stephen, we can`t thank you enough for your great work.
      1. Mastello's Avatar
        Awesome, thank you.
      1. kenjarrettson's Avatar
        Really cool, nice job!
      1. Samwize78's Avatar
        Beautiful Stephen, simply beautiful.......
      1. Mugiwara_no_Ice's Avatar
        Great news. Thanks Mr. Stephen.
      1. ntk's Avatar
        Great news indeed. It's gonna be very convenient to have the look-up section right here. :)
      1. OldSnake's Avatar
        Thank you Stephen, Havn't logged on to Ap in awhile and this news just made my day!
      1. Czechmate's Avatar
        Wonderful! Glad to have you here, Stephen. ^_^
      1. vassvik's Avatar
        Thank you very much, Stephen. This is really helpful for people who are practicing their Japanese by reading One Piece.
        I guess I'll start reading again at Volume 1. (I'm almost done with the 4th volume. ^^)

        Again, thank you. This is awesome.
      1. alfredjohn617's Avatar
        nice one. thanks for the hard work.
      1. RomanceDawn's Avatar
        Yippi! This is great!
      1. anhchang789666's Avatar
        T́m hiểu thông tin Golden Star Riverside tại đây
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