• Crazy Cavendish's Capriciously Camp Candescent Cabana Aka Mafia 55

      Crime is racing toward us, as the Mafia arrive!
      Heed my every order and you might survive.
      You're unsuited for this cage of bore. So sign up, come on, It's true
      A great holiday is planned for you!


      After what seemed like ages you finally cross the bridge. The moon shines brightly in the night sky, in the eerie glow a young man and his fantastic assistant approach the crowd. The mutterings of the group quickly die out, some are anxious others are excited; one thing is in common the fact everyone’s attention is focused on finally getting some answers on why they were invited to this place.

      You hear him start in a pleasant voice
      “I’m glad to see so many people have shown up to the Banana Caba --–“
      “Hold on don’t you find it funny that more guests have shown up than you had me mail invites to” his assistant interrupted him.
      “Eh? But doesn’t everyone here have an invitation with them?”
      “That is what makes it so strange obviously!”
      “No need to worry the guests about stuff like this or the letter we got. Sorry about that interruption as I was saying welcome to the grand unveiling of my Banana Cabana I have such fabulous festivities planned that I am sure no one would be trying to spoil!”

      The man happily carried on as if the interruption never happened but you feel uneasy… who are these mysterious people that didn’t get invited? You ponder if you should have stayed home and safe any of these people could be up to no good.
      “In the order you set foot on the island we will assign you your lodgings. Please follow the map on the back of the paper to find the correct location.”


      Cavendish - Host (Confirmed)
      ????? secret helper (secret)

      Kitsune Inferno

      1. Waffles
      2. Sudoku SomebodyUDon'tKnow (tentative)
      3. le crystal
      4. Noqanky
      5. Kubihige
      6. Tamiel (tentative)
      7. Outerspec
      8. Galaxy 8999+1
      9. Huschel
      10.Shuhan's tied up body
      11. Wooden_Giraffe
      12. SpaceCowboy
      13. Jabberwok
      14. BellisarioFaith ready to punish some people.
      Bonus player slots if needed:

      Audience of cowards:
      - firelord111 (tentative)
      - Kaido King of the Beasts
      - The Tenth Strawhat
      - Femme
      - SkullJoke

      At some point in time after survivor has ended and enough people sign up I will send out character assignments. I will be assigning your characters by having three jars filled with scraps of paper that I pick out one by one. Jar#1 will be the player’s names from the sign up list. Jar#2 will be everyone’s favourite one piece characters (as picked by Cavendish) and jar#3 will be your role assignment.
      If somebody with Zetaboards knowledge or who lives in a different time zone would like to co-host with me I would love to have the help.

      Feel free to make a tentative registration in this thread since we don’t know when the start time will actually be yet but I hope at least 16 people would be interested in playing.

      If I missed anyone who signed up just yell at me and I will add you.
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