• The 2016 AP Awards are here

      Yeah, okay, so 2016 suuuuuuuuucked. That doesn't mean that there weren't a few good points scattered here and there. Fun memories, fun times. So here we are. This is the Rules Thread.

      Rule Number 01. Read every rule before proceeding; these are important, people.
      Rule Kazu 02. Avoid circlejerkery; don't just nominate the same people over and over again and that includes yourself.
      Rule Numero 03. Only make nominations for categories that are open. It might be that we'll have some categories that will take a few after being closed; we'll let you know when that happens.
      Rule Nombre 04. WAIT UNTIL THEY'RE OPEN. Those are the bold categories that we will have told you were open.
      Rule Mach 5. The Event Staff reserves the right to reject nominations.
      Rule Borkbork 06. Nominees can ask to be removed if they so desire.
      Rule Lucky Seven. Did I mention that the bold categories are the open one? Qualifications for categories will be listed in the Nomination Thread as they open.
      Rule Number 08. If you ignore the rules, we'll return the favor by ignoring your nominations.
      Rule Número 10. People who were banned in the past but are now in good standing are eligible. People who are currently banned aren't.
      Rule Nombro 11: See, you proceeded without reading Rule 9. This happens every time. PAY ATTENTION, PEOPLE.
      Rule Number 09. If there's an issue, take it up with the Event Staff. Minor corrections like a misspelled name or overlooked nomination are one thing; arguing over eligibility is something else entirely.
      Rule Numara 12. You got questions about these rules? Ask here. Anything else needs to go in the appropriate thread.
      Rule Numer 13. Rules are subjected to be changed as needed or at the whim of people running this. Like if it's funny to do so.
      Rule Remember When Chicken Little ran those Numa Numa Ads? Was anybody surprised that it was awful? 14. And, as always, think happy thoughts, keep positive, and have fun!
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