• Stephen's Corner Becomes Viz/SJA Alpha Discussions

      To coincide with our very own Stephen's position as the official English translator of "One Piece", the manga section once dedicated to his translations is now dedicated to the VIZ release as a whole. Arlong Park encourages all eligible members to support VIZ Media's new attempt at legal online distribution, which is currently only available in North America, and so this section was created.

      There, you can discuss the VIZ/Alpha version of each new "One Piece" chapter, the VIZ/Alpha release of "One Piece" in general, as well as the Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha service itself. Stephen's original translation discussion is still there, and the old VIZ Media thread has moved there as well. Check it out, and be sure to read the rules:


      In addition, there is a separate thread dedicated to non-"One Piece" SJA releases:


      As can be seen in last Monday's article, you can expect to see mention of each new SJA "One Piece" release along with each News Roundup article (or if I don't post a News Roundup that Monday I'll just make an article for that Monday's SJA release). Happy posting!
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