• WSJA Ch. #654 Released/ News Roundup Feb. 5-12 2012

      -Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha for the week of February 13th, 2012 is out

      Chapter #654: “A Gam of Whales”
      pg. 023-041
      Read at: http://www.vizmanga.com and http://www.sjalpha.com

      (Disclaimer: News may or may not be in any particular chronological and/or thematic order)

      - In perhaps the biggest news piece last week, the popular English-language scanlation site Mangastream has taken down and cancelled the translation/distribution of all the Shonen JUMP titles
      they’ve been working on, at the demands of VIZ Media. Of course, among those titles is “One Piece”:


      - I haven’t read it yet, but on February 6th ANN posted a nice, lengthy editorial about the release of
      Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha, written by Carlos Santos:


      - Thanks to the website Nico Nico, we have some pictures of snow sculptures taken at this year’s
      Sapporo Snow Festival, which takes place in Hokkaido Prefecture. Among the sculptures were
      Luffy and Chopper:


      - Although the case was filed September 29th, 2011, ANN reported on February 7th that Toei Animation had sued 869 “John Does” for illegally distributing “One Piece” episode 515 via BitTorrent:


      - We have Oricon’s Japanese comic rankings for the week of January 30th to February 5th. In its debut week, “One Piece” #65 sold an estimated 1,934, 961 copies, debuting at the #1 spot. “One Piece” #64
      went from 46th to 21st place and sold an estimated 27, 107 copies for an estimated total of 3,026, 263
      copies. In addition, the spin-off series “Chopperman: Yukeyuke! Minna no Chopper-Sensei debuted at
      25th place. It sold an estimated total of 24,948 copies.

      As of last week, “One Piece” #64 is the 8th straight volume in a row of the series (since #57) to sell
      past 3-million copies:


      - Recently the Seiyu Fan blog posted the top 10 Japanese voice actors and actresses as ranked by their amount of Twitter followers. Among those seiyuu is Akio Ohtsuka, the voice of Blackbeard,
      Captain Joke, and Baron Omatsuri at #7:


      - A new commercial just came out for “Kaizoku Musou”, showing off Luffy, Ace, Whitebeard,
      and Hancock:


      - The Japanese anime ratings for January 30th through February 5th are out. “One Piece” came in at 5th
      place with an average household rating 10.2:


      - Looks like good news for American fans. On February 1st, 2012, Namco Bandai filed a trademark for
      “Pirates Warriors” with the United States (US) Patent and Trademark Office:


      Now just because a trademark has been made that doesn’t mean it’ll actually get an official release
      in America. Still, this is a great sign, and I encourage fans to really let Namco Bandai know you
      want this game!

      - There’s also a rumor that just came out about “Pirate Warriors”. There may be 1-2 player online multiplayer, voice chat, and perhaps be at 4 GB install. That is, if the following back-cover box art is


      - The Media Create Sales listing of Japanese video games is out for the week of January 30th
      to February 5th. “Gigant Battle 2” came in 41st place:


      - “Unlimited Cruise SP” is out in Europe, along with a special edition that comes with an exclusive
      Ace figurine:


      - Some European reviews of “Unlimited Cruise SP”:



      - For the week of February 10th, “Kaizoku Musou” was ranked 4th in Famitsu’s top 30 most wanted


      - Some more new info and screenshots for “Kaizoku Musou” came courtesy of Famitsu. The story mode
      will be called “Main Log”, and features narration from Mahito Ooba, who has provided the same role for other “One Piece” video games and has played some roles in the TV anime. Adventure stages will have Luffy overcoming various obstacles, while Musou stages will be battle-centric:


      - Youtube user craddle15 was nice enough to post FUNimation’s trailer for Collection Five:

      - And a reminder from the One Piece en Castellano Facebook page; Boing has just started airing new Water Seven episodes. If you live in Spain, be sure to catch new episodes of the dub Monday to Friday at 21:20 P.M. (9:20 P.M.)
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