• News Roundup for November 6- 12 2011

      - First up, we got some DVD ranking news from Japan. A new "One Piece" DVD hit the charts, specifically "One Piece 14th Season: Marineford Arc Piece 2". For the week of October 31st through November 6th it was the 17th best-selling overall DVD in Japan and the 4th best-selling animation DVD according to Oricon. It was released on November 2nd and sold 2,468 copies:


      - Okay here's something you people actually care about: the Japanese debut sales for Volume #64, as per Oricon's sales data. Between its release date of November 4th and 6th, it sold 2,018,366 copies, topping the manga sales chart for the week of October 31st through November 6th. According to Anime News Network, "Volume 64 is the 15th consecutive One Piece volume to sell more than two million copies since Oricon began publishing its ranking charts in April of 2008. It is also the fourth volume to sell more than two million copies in its first week":


      To see how it stacked up against the competition, check out the link below to see the Oricon's rankings for the 30 best-selling manga for the week of October 31st through November 6th:


      For a little comparison the 2nd best-selling manga of that week, "Naruto" #58, sold 704,610 copies. As a little "One Piece" bonus to the list volume #63 made it at 27nd place from a previous rank of 73. It sold 26,782 copies for a grand total of 3,040,000.

      - The anime has now made its official North American digital download debut. FUNimation announced that the series is now available for purchase on the Zune Marketplace and the Sony Unlimited Store on Playstation Network and Sony Entertainment Network. Now you can watch episodes on the XBox 360, PS3, and on Zune devices:


      FUNimation states that the first voyage is currently available, which to me according to DVD release logic would imply the first 13 episodes. However apparently the first 26 episodes are what are available for download. Episode 1 is free but each other episode costs either 80 Microsoft points on the Zune side or $0.99 on the Playstation side. It also seems the episodes are currently available in English audio only:



      - "One Piece" isn't nominated for any T.V. award, but it's representin'. Toei Animation will be presenting the Children & Young People Award at the 39th International Emmy Awards on November 21st at the Hilton New York Hotel. As such, costume characters from "Dragonball Z" and "One Piece" will be on-stage as part of the category's presentation:


      - Apparently for the first time "One Piece" was a big property at the big Spanish manga event Salon del Manga. This year marks the 17th annual edition of the event, which took place in Barcelona from October 29th to November 1st. Fans were greeted by characters from the series at a fully decked-out booth from merchandising agent Biplano:


      - Last but not least, we have some very exciting news that's relevant to at least a certain amount of the population of AP Forums visitors. Starting with the debut issue of Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha, which goes online January 30th, 2012, the one and only Stephen Paul will be doing the offical English translations for the VIZ release of the manga. The news was broken by editor Alexis Kirsch on his Twitter just yesterday:


      For those that may not know, Stephen Paul is a professional manga translator that's worked on series such as "Beck" and "Moyashimon" for companies such as Tokyopop and Del Rey Manga. But Stephen is also a huge fan of "One Piece" that for over a decade has done his own translations of the series. His work is widely regarded among fans as some of the best, if not the best, English-language translations of "One Piece", professional or unprofessional. The Alpha chapters will mark Stephen's debut from fan to professional translator of "One Piece".
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