• News Roundup for August 30-September 11 2011

      Alright here we go:

      - I guess the biggest piece of news for me that stands out in my mind is the announcement of a new video game for the PS3. "One Piece Kaizoku Musou", part of what is a series of "Dynasty Warriors" spin-offs, is being developed by Omega Force of Koei Tecmo and published by Bandai Namco. There is currently no release date, however game footage will debut for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show which occurs during September 17th to the 18th:


      You can follow updates and discussion here:


      - Thanks to Greg on Raftel Forums, we now have a translation have a translation of a recent interview between Eiichiro Oda and Takuya Nimura of SMAP in Men's Non-No Magazine:


      - Here's a piece of news that got overlooked a little while back but it pertains to something upcoming. According to a tweet user MasterKingJC got from Shonen Jump, sj.viz.com wil be dedicating a whole week to promoting "One Piece". The tentative date is September 18th. You can find the news on the old VIZ Media thread starting with post #9966:


      - If you check out the German-Dubbed One Piece thread you can see some cool updates in posts #706 and #711. Specifically we get the cover-art for Kaze's Blu-Ray release of the sixth movie and the initial ratings for the anime's broadcast on VIVA. During its first week of broadcast each episode scored an average rating of over 2%, and some episodes got over 3%. This is great because the average rating on the channel is 1%:


      - The latest post on the One Piece RETURNS TO SPAIN!! from fogdark (as of this writing #88) reminds us that new episodes of the Spanish dub start tomorrow. They will air at 9:40 P.M. local time from Mondays to Fridays and repeat at 11:35 the same day:


      - "One Piece" did quite well in Japanese DVD sales for the week of August 22nd through the 28th. Two Log Collections debuted on August 26th as the two best-selling animation DVD releases. "Bell" sold 20.478 units and "Navaron" sold 19,395:


      - We also got Japanese comic sales for the week of August 22nd through the 28th. Volume #63 went from 2nd to 5th place and sold 72,305 copies. According to Oricon's rankings it has sold 2,810,023 copies so far:


      - Some more rankings for August 22nd through the 28th, this time for Japanese animation T.V. ratings. For that week "One Piece" was the third highest-rated anime with an average of 11.0%:


      - More DVD sales, this time for the week of August 29th through the September 4th. Log Collection "Bell" and "Navaron" were still the two best-selling anime DVDs in Japan. "Bell" sold 4,346 copies for a total of 24,824. "Navaron" sold 4.145 copies for a total of 23,540:


      - For the week of August 29th through September 4th, in terms of Japanese comic book sales, "One Piece" stayed on Oricon's top 30 list. Volume #63 fell from 5th to 18th place and sold 39,597 copies, bringing the total copies sold to 2,849,620:


      - Shueisha is coming out with a cookbook with recipes inspired by the characters of "One Piece". It'll cost 1,380 yen, which is about $18:


      - "One Piece" is getting a bunch of kids products in France. SDP Le Livre Club is releasing activity books and sticker albums, Hacehette is releasing a "One Piece" novelization, and la Plume Doree is releasing a back-to-school line of stuff like pens and schoolbags:


      - With the successfu broadcast on Boing, more products are coming out in Spain. Bandai is coming out with the Figuarts line of collector figures, Abysse Corp. releases a whole range of "One Piece" merchandise which includes the famous P.O.P. ("Portrait of Pirates") figurines:


      - Kaze will start releasing "One Piece" calendars in Germany and France:http://www.toei-animation.com/en/node/969

      - It started on August 20th and ends on September 20th: a promotional boutique for "One Piece" at participating Champos-Elysees's Virgin Megastores in France:


      - If you're ever part of any market/licensing conventions, you can check out Toei Animation at the following shows this fall:- MIPCOM (Cannes, 3-6 October): booth R35.17- Brand Licensing Europe (London, 18-20 October): booth F090- Kid Expo (Paris, 21-24 October): booth 8.G8, in Toys & Games area http://www.toei-animation.com/en/node/978

      -Finally, Crunchyroll News released the fourth part to their gallery report of the Fuji TV Odaiba summer event, this time focusing on the many "One Piece" products in Japan:


      Well, that's all fro now.
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